Your Dog’s Teeth

Tartar is produced by the accumulation of food debris and bacteria, producing a yellow bacterial plaque that you can see in the photo. Tartar is the cause of a multitude of oral diseases in our dogs, very painful and with expensive treatments. That is why we must avoid their formation and for this we leave you some simple tips that you can apply with your puppy.

What is tartar?

Tartar is the accumulation of mineralized bacterial plaque on the teeth. We know tartar as that yellowish-brown plaque or stains that forms on the teeth of our dogs, starting near the gums and progressively advancing.

How is tartar formed?

If you were to look at the surface of your dog’s teeth, tongue, and saliva under a microscope, you could see the number of bacteria that make up his natural flora. The lack of dental hygiene causes these bacteria to accumulate, along with the remains of food on the teeth, and decapitated cells of the epithelium, resulting in dental tartar.

If your pet is still a puppy, it would be very beneficial for you to adapt to regular cleaning of its teeth, so you can use some of the natural remedies that we discuss below.

How to remove tartar.

As long as the condition of our dog’s mouth is good and the tartar has not caused any infection, we can try to eliminate it naturally with a series of good practices. Remember not to scrape the surface of the tooth, since you can make it porous, and this, instead of helping, predisposes more bacterial plaque to adhere in the future.

It is also important that you choose a suitable brush for dogs or finger cots for these purposes.

Here we bring you some products that have proven to be useful in systematic oral cleaning, but beware, the use of toothpaste for dogs is undoubtedly the product par excellence to use.

Sodium bicarbonate: In a large glass of water, dilute a tablespoon of bicarbonate, wet the brush with this solution and thus you will be able to eliminate the residues. It is important that your pet does not ingest excessive amounts of this solution, as well as doing regular cleaning (4-6 times a week).

The use of probiotics will maintain a balance in the healthy bacteria that inhabit the oral cavity of your dog.

Carrots: it is a perfect prize to clean your dog’s teeth, since when they bite they drag the residue from the dental surface.

Apple cider vinegar: Use it on your pet’s brush when cleaning, you can use it once a week.

Clean our dog’s teeth with a special toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs, after each meal.

Use natural bone-based teethers such as “Deer Antlers”.

All these products will clean the tartar from our dog’s teeth in a few weeks, little by little and without the need for veterinary treatment.

Prevention Tips

The only healthy way to prevent tartar in a dog is either by cleaning its teeth regularly or by feeding it natural dog food, colloquially known as the Barf Diet.

Bone chews like deer antler and a few meaty bones from time to time will keep your teeth white and clean of plaque.

Remember that excess tartar can cause significant infections in a dog’s mouth and a lot of pain. Don’t let your dog suffer from something as insignificant as tartar.

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