PAWS IN ACTION was founded in mid-2019 hand in hand with ADOPTA UN AMIGO CANCUN, who has been rescuing, spaying and looking for homes for street dogs in Cancun for more than 10 years. The abandonment is so overwhelming that there are thousands of dogs with different needs.


We realized that in order to lower the overpopulation statistics in Cancun, it is important for us to carry out massive spay/neuter campaigns in the outskirts of Cancun.


PAWS IN ACTION was created precisely for this purpose, to undertake a work with the qualified veterinarians, to schedule several massive spay/neuter campaigns in Quintana Roo. To do this, your participation is very important.



At PAWS IN ACTION, in conjunction with various local organizations, we seek to work to spay/neuter the greatest number of females in the outskirts areas of Cancun. We detected areas of high canine population and began to organize the Campaign dates with the assigned team.

Likewise, in collaboration with ADOPTA UN AMIGO CANCUN we try to find a home for those pets that are ready to reintegrate into society.

our vision
& mission




We want a QUINTANA ROO free from mistreatment of animals.



Help abandoned animals and support independent rescuers in their intent to care for homeless animals.


Fight against abandonment and mistreatment by creating an awareness of love and respect for animals.


Educate and teach children that seeing an animal suffering in our streets is not normal.


Promote responsible animal ownership through spay/neuter, vaccination and adoption of animals.