Terms and Conditions for Online Donation


The PAWS IN ACTION CANCUN Organization has made available to the user (hereinafter the “Donor) of the Site the possibility of making donations online from their home or office, through the internet through the donation website at wwwpawsinactioncancun.org ( hereinafter the “Site”). Donations are made freely and economically, with the purpose of supporting the service actions carried out by the Paws in Action Cancun Organization.

Donor Duties

The Donor guarantees the Organization that it is legally capable of carrying out the legal act in question, that it is the owner of the means of payment with which the donation is made and that the money to be donated comes only from legal sources and in no way from illicit sources.

The donor authorizes the Paws in Action Cancun Organization to charge his card the corresponding value agreed in the Site Donation Form.

Terms of Use

The simple fact of accessing the Site implies that the Donor is expressly accepting the terms and conditions described here.

The Organization Paws in Action Cancun, reserves the right to modify the content of the Site at any time, without prior notice.

The Donor agrees that security breaches of computer systems and / or networks are prohibited, and may lead to crimes or incur civil liability. The Donor may not profit in any way from the services offered on the Site.

Donor Information

In the course of the Donor’s use of the Website and / or the services made available to him on or through the Website, he may be asked to provide certain personalized information (such information hereinafter “Donor Information”) .

The policies of use and collection of information of the Paws in Action Cancun Organization with respect to the privacy of Donor Information are established in the confidentiality policy, therefore the Donor acknowledges and agrees to be solely responsible for the accuracy of the content. of the Information provided.

To comply with the purposes of donation via the internet, it is necessary that the Donor Information be sent (such as a telephone number and email), so at the time of making the transaction the Donor is granting your express acceptance so that The Paws in Action Cancun Organization uses said personal data to invite, communicate and notify information from the Site through mailing, SMS, or other electronic messaging services.


All the information that the Paws in Action Cancun Organization collects from the Donor is treated with absolute confidentiality and will not be shared for commercial purposes in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Conditions of Service

1. Through the Site we accept online donations by credit or debit cards Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JBC, Dicover or American Express.

2. To make the donation online, the Donor must register the corresponding data, which will be requested in the Donation form of the Site.

3. The value of the donation can be made in national currency in Mexican Pesos of _______ or its equivalent in currency of the United States of America (US Dollars), and the amount is subject to the provision that the Donor wishes to make.

4. Upon completing the online donation, the transaction confirmation message will be displayed on the screen indicating the successful completion or non-acceptance by the credit and / debit card issuer. If successful, the Donor will receive a notification through the email account that was provided at the beginning of the operation.

5. In case the Donor requires the cancellation of the operation and the elimination of the amount in favor of the Paws in Action Cancun Organization, this must be dealt with directly with the issuer of the credit and / or debit card, therefore organization is released from any claim or liability related to said cancellation.

Financial Data Security Policy

At the time of the transaction, the Donor’s credit and / or debit card data is securely encrypted through the TLS 1.2 protocol and the Site has the standard security regulations required to safeguard financial information.

Donation Operation Data

In case of requiring proof of the donation made, or other information, it will be necessary for the Donor to send a request by email to the address admin@pawsinactioncancun.org where they will be attended to and respond to their communication.


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• Email: info@pawsinactioncancun.org

• Cell +52.998.8452306

What are recurring donations?

Through this option you can schedule a recurring donation, with fixed amounts to be applied automatically for a defined duration and frequency.


How to modify, suspend or cancel the recurrence?

If you wish to modify the indicated recurrence conditions or suspend / cancel your donation, you must send an email to: donaciones@pawsinactioncancun.org, indicating the following data and applicable conditions:


1. Modification of its recurrence

2. Suspension of recurrence

I want to stop my donation from (day, month, year): _____________

Warning: We recommend not sending bank details by e-mail that allow you to withdraw your funds.


Who can you contact?

If you have doubts, require more information or have complaints, you can contact +52.998.8452306